qr codeEvent planning for Super Bowl 2015 in Arizona
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  • 1VIDEO! – 101 A DYNAMIC! Overview
  • 2Behind The Curtain: “Turning Point - Live” DVD
  • 3Behind The Curtain: “The Chase” Web Movie project
  • 4“Angels In The Neighborhood” Syndicated National TV pilot
  • 5“Donald Trump – Midas Touch” Live BroadcastTrump Tower, New York City
  • 6Behind The Curtain: “DATAS Reservations” Project
  • 7Behind The Curtain: “Back To The Future” Project
  • As DYNAMIC! as their projects were, some clients prefer not to post video from their project on the web, and we respect those requests. We would love to show you more – shoot us an e-mail or give us a call!
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